#10 Fallow Times are Important for Wizards are not machines

Dear Wizard,

I haven’t written anything in a month. I have felt out of sorts with my creativity and unmotivated to work. I don’t know what is causing this dent in my creativity. I feel like I am slogging through my writing. What can I do to bring myself back to the zone? I want to relish my creativity and writing again. Not dread it every time I sit down at a keyboard.
Blank screen staring back upon me.

What can be done? I am unhappier when I am not writing because writing is usually my place of solace.


Drifting At Sea (ey/em)

Dear At Sea,

The Universe in it’s infinite wisdom gave us all limitations. Farmers know this. They allow fields to lay fallow and rotate their crops to give the land time to recover. Nothing and no one can be endlessly productive. It is not possible. Wizards are not machines.

I would also note, there is an ailment going around the globe. The Universe has sent the Healers of our world a deadly puzzle. It has disrupted everything— to the point that even the wizards in our towers have noticed— going to the market for supplies never used to be a sporting event. Even wizards need contact with other people. My weekly wizard meeting has been moved to a crystal ball affair, which has connection issues, and lag.

I am not saying all of this to complain (ok I am), but in addition, I am saying it because the entire world has shifted in a short amount of time. This could be having an effect on your creativity. During this time some have flocked to their magical havens and are pouring their guts out workings on new spells, consulting their spirits via the Universe, and journeying through the Universe. Trusting that the Universe will not lead them astray. However, there are others, for whom this has become a roadblock. A questioning. Why did the Universe send us this deadly puzzle? What can we do to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe? These questions can be unending and can lead to one feeling out of spirits.

And I am not saying that either reaction is better or worse. However, I would like to normalize the idea that being out of spirits in tough circumstances is ok. These times are tough circumstances. The Universe has dealt us a difficult collective hand. And our individual hands vary in particular— many are suffering. It is ok to acknowledge that suffering. It is ok for that to have an impact on your work— magic will not dry up on you.

The Universe will be there waiting for you when you are ready to resume your journey.

A Wizard


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