#16 Rest Rejuvenates Your Bliss

Dear Wizard,

I used to find joy in my writing. These days, I am struggling. The changes in the world have been overwhelming this past year. And I find that my situation leaves me little time to think or daydream. And when I do reach for my pen or my open document, I find myself staring at a blank page.

I am tired of staring sadly at a blank page. How do I recapture the bliss and satisfaction that I used to get from writing? What do I do? I am tired of feeling off balance and unsure of myself.

Surely you have some wisdom that you can bestow upon me. I would certainly appreciate it, if you do!

Carey Jeffry (they/them)

Dear Carey,

I want to remind you that the plague that has raged through this world has been life-changing for everyone. It is ok to feel that. To grieve that. I do not know if you have a loved one that has passed from this mortal coil into the ether or not. Or if you carry fears of such. However, those feelings exist. It is all right for you to feel that.

My second thought is that perhaps you need some downtime.

I do not know the exact circumstances of your situation, but it sounds to me as if rest has been put on the back burner these past few months. And I know that the constant stress of this plague makes it more difficult to rest. However, in order to regain your sense of bliss in the study of the Universe, I prescribe rest. Relaxation. And then perhaps you will find rejuvenation in your studies.

You may ask yourself: how do I rest in this time of utter stress? It can be simple. Makes yourself a simple meal. Take a shower or bath. Sit with your heating pad on your back. Stretch your legs with a walk. These things do not have to take hours and hours to be effective. If you can take ten to fifteen minutes of your day to do something solely for yourself that will help.

Some find meditation helps them to re-balance their humors. This varies from person to person. However, even in mediation, it need not be an hour. If you can find five or ten minutes to stop and take that time to yourself it can be helpful.

I know it is difficult to take a moment of pause when it feels like the world is burning down around us. I know. I find it difficult myself. However, to be honest, the world will be in that state whether you take time for yourself or not. I think you will feel easier if you find those pockets of time you can claim for yourself.
If even five minutes feels too long right now, one other suggestion I have is to take a deep breath and do a short deep breathing exercise for about thirty seconds. That is about three deep in and out breaths. This can help you to regulate your humors and to calm your mind.

It is not easy to find joy in the best of times, but even in the worst of times, it is possible. I prescribe a regimen of rest and relaxation in whatever increments you can manage.

The Universe will be there waiting for you when you feel up to it. And these moments of relaxation can add up to help you feel less out of balance. Good luck! The bliss you seek is out there, waiting for you. I know you can find it.

A Wizard