#20 Taking the First Step into the Unbridled Vastness of the Universe

Dear Wizard,

How do I create a sense of vulnerability in my writing? I’ve had consistent feedback that my writing doesn’t feel like it offers much depth to it. Or that it offers my readers a sense of — emotional variety— and I feel like it comes from my habit of not feeling comfortable sharing my feelings.

Is there a way to mitigate this, Wizard? I want my writing to sparkle in all aspects— I want it to feel real— to evoke emotions from the people who read it. I don’t want it to be called cold or unemotional. Especially since, I am not cold or unemotional, I am merely closed off. I am scared to show people the real me. Even in my writing.

Please, help me, I want to bring my readers joy, sorrow, and every emotion possible on the spectrum!

Joy (ey/eir)

Dear Joy,

It isn’t always comfortable to meander through the mysterious depths of the Universe. I think in this instance, my first recommendation for you is to get ready to be uncomfortable. You will have to put yourself out there in ways that perhaps you did not anticipate. That is ok. The Universe is there with you as your travel through it.

There is no easy way to prepare oneself to be discomforted. I think that it may be a case of getting ready to jump into the unknown. It is ok to be afraid. Perhaps that is something that you can reckon with in your grimoire. Write a spell of courage. Light a candle to guide your way. Step onto the overgrown path and walk the first step.

As we know, as wizards, the first step into the unknown can often be the most difficult to take. I know that these are uncharted paths for you as the Universe has allowed you to continue your studies on the paths of comfort and convention. However, it is time for you to explore the road less taken.

Take the unknown bend, for that fork in the road may bring you to new and rewarding places. You won’t know unless you step out of the familiar and into the secrets of the Universe. The thrill of cracking open those secrets like geodes is one of the reasons we study the Universe and traverse its mysteries. Is it not?

For me, I find that taking a deep breath, and readying myself for the unknown with an item or two of comfort helps me to take the first step. If this does not seem helpful to you: might I recommend packing a bag like you are going on a day trip. Or making a cup of tea. As long time readers know, I find that a good cup of tea can be grounding and allow me to take that moment of stillness before I must go forward.

Ultimately, it is up to you to take the first step Joy, into the unbridled remote vastness of the Universe. I believe you can do it. You reached out and asked for help. Now is your time. Take the step.

A Wizard