#7 Keeping Body & Spirit Aligned

Dear Wizard,

I’m scared. I know everyone gets scared to write. I know everyone has doubts…but this is MORE than that. I look at the empty page and I start to sPiRaLllllll…my mind goes round and round and round. I can’t seem to get anything out. The fear stops me in that moment before my pen hits the page or my fingers hit the keyboard.

I know there aren’t Tigers or Lions or Bears

Oh mY!

In my word processor or on the blank page of my journal—
But my heart starts to race every time I think about it. The blank page. The start. The openness of it all.

It’s so VAST!

I just want to crawl back into my hoodie and hide.

But, then again, a toRnAdO took me out of Kansas and I’m in a place of Wonder…do I just let that go by?

Desperately Dorothy (ne/ nim)

Dear Dorothy,

When we gaze upon the vastness of the Universe it is no small wonder that we feel small. I think one of the tricks of being a wizard is acknowledging that we can never know all mysteries of the Universe in one lifetime. Or even two or three lifetimes. The Universe is that vast. And it is ok to be intimidated by that.

However, when that intimidation stops you in your tracks, and prevents you from exploring the wonders of the Universe a wizard must remember that ne is exploring the joy. For the wonder. For the expression of nir magic. If ne loses sight of that, then why is ne practicing magic?

Why are you practicing magic, Dorothy?

What are you afraid to discover? Either inside of yourself or from the fount of the Universe?

One thing many schools of wizardry don’t teach their students: fear is ok. Fear can be overcome. Fear is good because it lets us know when there is danger. There is danger in exploring the Universe and unraveling it’s mysteries.

However, there is also wonder and discovery.

So, I posit to you, the next time you’re feeling stuck: stop.

Then I want you to take three deep breaths in and out. In and out. Really feel yourself breathing. Reconnect your spirit to the workings of your body. Sometimes fear can let our spirit fly beyond our physical manifestations, which causes an imbalance. This imbalance then disallows you to continue your journeys.

I want you to endeavor to try and stay in balance.

Breathing can be one way. Another way that I enjoy staying in tune between spirit and body is with my collection of crystals. I touch the stone and feel the crevices. I concentrate on the temperature. The color. The size of the stone in my hand. This kind of grounding can be done with crystals and rocks. Or it can be done with plants. Or other sensory objects.

I personally find touch to be the most grounding sense for myself. Scent can also work. Find something soothing. Some lavender essential oils. A cup of tea. Or whatever resonates with you and breath that scent in deeply so that you can root your spirit in your body.

This proper alignment of spirit and body will allow you to move forward on your journey to explore the vastness of the Universe. And to unravel more of its mysteries than you ever imagined possible.

Go forth and align yourself. Then continue your journey. And stop as often as you need to to keep yourself in alignment.

A Wizard


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