#6 Be Kind to Yourself While Balancing Your Humors

Dear Wizard,

I struggle with my mental health and have been diagnosed with clinical depression. This effects my writing…I am having a difficult time pulling myself out of the black hole of despair. I don’t want to do anything. Writing doesn’t bring me joy the way it used to…I wish I knew what to do.

I want to recapture my love of words.

The essence of why I started to tell stories and why I should even bother to continue writing.

What’s the point, Wizard?

Depressed Dolly (ze/zir)

Dear Dolly,

I am not a Healer of the Spirits, so I would suggest that you seek out your Healer to ensure that your humors are correctly aligned. Without correct alignment of the humors then it is difficult for anyone to be in sync with the Universe. Because you are out of sync with yourself.

I have been of low spirits myself lately. I had to go to my own Healer, whom recommended that I seek out a specialist…a Healer of Spirits. The Healer of Spirits set me on a potion, which has re-balanced my humors. However, there was a time during the first days of taking this new potion as my humors were re-balancing themselves.
I felt out of sorts. I couldn’t concentrate. My spirits felt lower than ever before. I hated it.

However, my Healer of Spirits warned me this might happen, and helped me through this difficulty. She told me that I might need to give myself extra time and space to allow my humors a chance to heal. I made many pots of tea.

So, although I am not a Healer, and cannot give any advice on your humors, I do wish you to be kind to yourself. If you are in low spirits, please find those who will support you in this time. Your friends, family and Healers want to help you. Also, please take care of yourself. Please know that even small wins count.

The Universe can wait for you to explore it.

Make a cup of tea. Browse your crystal ball. Curl up with your cat in a blanket in front of the fire. Slow your pace a bit and allow your spirits and humors to realign with yourself and the Universe.

The wonders of the mystical will be out there when you are ready to tackle them. You are not solely your ability to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. It will be there when you are ready.

A Wizard


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