Prompted 2.0

I counted the cash I’d taken from the ATM and turned around. My next door neighbor was standing before me with a gun in his hand.

“Are you ready to go?” Kent said, “We have a tight schedule tonight.”

I bit my lower lip. “Are you sure this is a good idea? Shouldn’t we stay and fight?”

He shook his head. “Too dangerous. Got the cash?”

Nodding, I pocketed my last hundred dollars and walked to the car with my neighbor. It was crazy to run from the best hunters.

Then again, who believed in vampires anymore? No one. Unless you’d seen one. Then you were in real trouble, like me and Kent.

Kent got behind the wheel and passed me the gun. It felt awkward and heavy in my hand. (I’d only shot one in a gun range before.) It would only slow down a vampire, not kill it. But those brief seconds could be the difference between life and death.

He started the car, turned up the radio, and drove us out of our little town. If we could run fast enough, maybe we could live another day.



Two people are sitting at a table, one of them wants something the other one has.

Hermie sat at the study table in the library with the spellbook propped up in front of her while she studied for her finals. She tried in earnest to concentrate in spite of the fact that Harriet insisted on staring at her with puppy-dog eyes.

She continued to studiously ignore her sister, copying relevant pages into her notes. Professor Flameward was a difficult grader and she could hardly afford to miss a single point on this final. Otherwise, she might get less than a hundred percent in the class, and that would tarnish her streak.

Harriet began to make little whining noises.

Hermie began to move her wrist, in accordance with the diagram in the spellbook. She silently repeated the words of the spell to herself. Then she scribbled another note to herself, in the margins. The angle of the wrist had to be just so.

Harriet pulled the spellbook off of its stand.

Frowning, Hermie, huffed. “What do you want? I am trying to study.” She gave her sister the evil eye.

Harriet grinned. “Can I borrow your potions notes for tomorrow’s finals?”

“No,” Hermie said, snatching back the spellbook and placing it in its holder.

“No fair!” wailed Harriet.

Hermie said, “What isn’t fair is that last time I lent you my notes, they can back eaten through with acid. I need the notes for my own final.”

“I’ll fail without them!”

“You should have thought about that before going outside to fly with your friends instead of studying.”

“Mother will kill me.”

Hermie said, “Still not my problem,” and tried to go back to studying.

Harriet said, “But we’re twins! I thought being twinsies counted for something with you.”

“Fine,” Hermie said, with a sigh and pulled them out of her satchel. “But I want them back in tact, tomorrow.”

Harriet hugged her sister. “You’re the best,” she said, skipping out of the library.