Setting the Tone

I often listen to music while I write and playlists can help me to set the tone of what I am working on. I love finding a new ear worm that will play back into my writing.

Lately, I’ve been using Spotify to curate my playlists for various projects and voices. I don’t always have the list playing as I’m writing. But often, even if I am not listening to the songs on the list, a song or piece of a song will be playing in repeat in my head as I’m writing. Here’s the playlist for my current project, True Love Bites, a vampire love story.

I’ve heard other writers mention that listening with songs that have lyrics is distracting to them. That doesn’t hold true for me, most of the time. I find music a great way for me to transition from “real” life into my writing life. Every writer is different.


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